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PGTA (Parents, Governors, & Teachers Association)

Welcome to our PGTA page.

We have a wonderful Parent, Governor, and Teacher Association at Trinity.  We raise money for projects and run various school events.
All parents, teachers and governors are welcome to get involved.
A regular PGTA meeting is held each term at our Family Meetings: come along to find out more.

If you are a Parent, Grandparent, Staff member or Friend of Trinity and fancy joining the PGTA please contact the School Office who will direct your interest to one of the PGTA team.

Every year we put on our Summer & Christmas Fairs.  We also like to try put on some more social events for Trinity Families to get together.  We encourage Trinity Families to feel free to arrange events together across the year as we value relationships.  We have set up a new online site called Class list where you can communicate with other Trinity Parents and arrange things between you – Parents will have received an invite to join.

We appreciate any gifts from all who want to contribute to the life of Trinity School whether that’s in maintenance, equipment or other school needs.  We do not receive any funding from the Government (other than Nursery entitlements) so every generous gift is greatly received.  You can either send it to the schools account directly or PGTA do have their own account – just ask for details.

If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to contact the PGTA team by email on:


Sandrine Thomas:  Our new PGTA Chair from Sept 2018

Gemma Deakin: Finance,  Parent & Staff

Andy Chadwick:  Parent & Governor

Roy Jeffrey:  Chair of Governors

Sian O’Gorman:  Secretary,  Teacher & Parent

Colin Thomas: Parent

Rose Thorp:  Parent

Lauren Timmins:  Parent

Helen Greenan-Morris:  Parent