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Parents Page



Welcome to our Virtual office.

This page is for quick access to paperwork or documents you may require as a Parent of Trinity Christian School.

We hope you will find this a useful resource.

Forms can be completed on a computer and emailed to the Office on:

If you would prefer paper copies please do not hesitate to contact one of the Office Staff:

Office Manager:  Mrs Deakin

Office administrator:  Mrs Kendrick

Finance Secretary:  Mrs Kneen


Family Pack

These documents are for our new families starting with us, who have been accepted and given a start date – we need all the below completing and sent to the School Office BEFORE the start date of your child):

School Contact Record

Medical Need Health Care plan

Permission Form

Mobile Contract (Secondary pupils only)

E-Safety Form Secondary

E-Safety Form Primary

Secondary Pupil declaration

Intimate Care (EYFS)


For all Jumpers for Primary and Secondary PE and uniform please contact our external supplier to order:

JFC Sports LTD – Unit 8A Redfern Industrial Estate – Off Meadow Street – Hyde  – SK14 1RD, 0161 367 7700



Adhoc Forms

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Leave request form (for holiday or time off for other reasons, requests in term time – excludes medical appts)

Medical Consent Form (if your child needs regular medication in school time)

Taster Booking Contact Form (after enquiring – see relevant tab – if you would like your child try us out before applying please complete this form and send in to the office).