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About Us

Our school value is to ‘bring the love of God into the classroom,’

Trinity Christian School is based on Birbeck Street, off High Street in Stalybridge.  Set back from the road and occupying a traditional school building, it might be easy to miss this amazing school, which offers a very real alternative to mainstream schooling.

‘Trinity is a wonderful place,’ says Head Teacher, Michael Stewart.  ‘It offers a warm and caring environment in which each pupil can be taught as an individual.’  One of the many strengths of the school is its commitment to small class sizes, the largest class currently being 16 pupils.  For many subjects, especially at GCSE level, pupils are often taught in even smaller groups, allowing pupils to reach their potential.

The school’s outstanding pastoral care is rooted in the belief that every child is a gift from God and that each had unique talents, abilities and aspirations.  Mrs Fisher, a teacher, said, ‘We feel privileged to be working alongside pupils in their education.’  Standards of behaviour are exceptionally high and there is genuine respect between pupils and staff.  ‘ Staff here really do go the extra mile.  They really do want the best for each child’, comments Michael Stewart.  ‘The first thing that visitors are struck by is the wonderful behaviour and the atmosphere of peace in our school.’  Mr and Mrs Oakes, whose 2 girls have been part of the school, write, ‘The girls both talk about the family atmosphere and the way in which everybody considers others first.

In addition to the caring atmosphere, the school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, so that all pupils can succeed.  Trinity is a non-selective school and values every pupil, whether he or she is academically very able or has gifts and talents in other areas. We’re committed to preparing children for life.

When pupils leave Trinity at the end of Year 11, the consistent message from the Sixth Form Colleges that they go on to attend is that pupils perform well in further education and are seen to be confident and mature.  The nurture that they receive at Trinity gives them the confidence to go on to fulfil their potential in a larger setting.  Jonathan Deakin, a former Trinity pupil, is studied Maths at Jesus College, Cambridge.  Brenda Deakin, his mother, says, ‘Trinity was a brilliant place for Jonathan and for the rest of the family too.’

Many parents feel that they could not afford to send a child to a school like Trinity, but Trinity’s low fees and ‘affordable fee plan’ make it possible for families from a wide range of incomes and backgrounds to benefit from this amazing school.

Trinity Christian School is a distinctively Christian School, but welcomes applications from families of all faiths and none.  Christianity is never forced upon our pupils. Christianity underpins our curriculum, but all children must be allowed the opportunity to make up their own minds.

We welcome applications in for all Year groups starting our Nursery setting right through to Y11.  Some pupils join us at other stages in their education and settle in remarkably quickly.  One of the Parents comments is how bringing their child from state primary school setting to Trinity has proven invaluable.  Their child has increased in confidence and is able to learn better in the smaller class size and be part of an inclusive, supportive environment.

We provide education from Nursery to Year 11 (3yrs-16yrs).