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School Office

For enquiries, either the Office Manager (Mrs G Deakin), office administrator (Mrs Kendrick) or Finance Secretary (Mrs Kneen) are in the office and can be contact by phone 0161 303 0674, email or in person.

Mrs G Deakin:  8.15-3, Monday-Thursdays

Mrs Kendrick:  8.30-12.30pm Monday-Fridays

Mrs Kneen: 8.30-2.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays and till 3pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The office staff deal with letters, school applications & enquires, recruitment, pupil forms and info, absences and attendance and more etc. The school diary is also kept in the office so that they can arrange appointments and check the details of planned events as well as arrange appointments with the Headteacher.

All Finance and fee related information is maintained by Mrs Kneen.

Calls outside the school office hours will go to our answer machine which will not be checked until the next morning so please do not leave on the day messages as they wont be received in time .

Headteacher Contact

If you wish to contact the Headteacher personally on any matter you are most welcome to do so.  Please contact school office to make a mutually convenient appointment.

General Teacher Contact

You are encouraged to contact the class teacher in the first instance to discuss any pastoral or other problems involving your child.

Written communications from the school are usually given to the class teachers/tutors and passed to the children at registration time to take home. Any letters sent in by Parents must come to the Office so we can ensure it goes to the correct person – any notes of absence or appointment must be directed to the office so we can process in the register and attendance report.  PLEASE DO NOT VERBALLY TELL THE CLASS TEACHER AS THIS MAY BE MISSED IN THE OFFICE.

Any private and confidential letters to specific staff members needs to be clearly marked and the Office will distribute these.

With any letters please check with your child if they have received any or handed any in as at times letters can end up at the bottom of pupils bags.

Telephone contact is more difficult for the  teachers as they have a full time teaching commitment, but if you leave a number with a brief indication of the purpose of the call then the office staff can pass the message on.

If, on any occasion, you forget equipment needed in school, e.g. PE kit, reading book, dinner, you may leave them in the school office and the they will pass them on to your child at an appropriate time. Similarly, any verbal message will be passed on in this way. This ensures that valuable teaching time is neither lost nor interrupted.

Contact Between Home and School Throughout the Year

We use a variety of occasions over the year to meet with parents. These may include some of the following:

Individual appointments

Open Evenings

Family Meetings

Curriculum information meetings


School performances

School Written Communication with Parents

Any letters to be sent home are collated and sent out on Thursdays where possible – so please check your child’s bag.

We prefer to send most communication out by email to save on printing costs and paper waste but if this is not the best way for you please ensure the office staff are aware of this so we can send hard copies to you.

Contact with School Governing Body

The full School Governing Body meets a few times a year to discuss matters of finance, premises, staffing and the curriculum.

As the Governors do not work on site, any information or appointments needed will need to be arranged via the School Office where we will forward any info or requests.

Emergency Contact with Parents

Please ensure that the School Office always has your up to date telephone/mobile contact numbers.  We use a text messaging service to share key information too but it is very important should we ever need to contact you because your child is unwell or has had an accident at school.

We also want to ensure the health and safety of our pupils by being informed of any medical conditions and how we can deal with them.