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Meet the Governors
Mr Jeffrey


I have been married to Pam for 45 years and have two grown up sons. Born in Ashton-under-Lyne, I moved to Stalybridge when I got married but have recently returned to Ashton. From 1978 to 1990, we lived and worked in Zambia. I was an Elder at my church in Zambia and was the Treasurer at my local church.

My working life, before retiring, consisted of 24 years in various industries, followed by retraining as a secondary school science teacher and then teaching science and maths for 20 years. The final 11 years of my teaching career were at Trinity Christian School.

As Chair of Governors, I bring my life skills to Trinity Christian School, which is obviously close to my heart. My time teaching at Trinity Christian School has given insight into what the school stands for and how it works out its mission statement in practice. I am fully committed to serving the school as a Governor.


My responsibilities as a governor include…..

I am parent and have also worked & taught at Trinity School……  I currently Lead Revive church in Stalybridge…..

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I have been associated with the school for over 20 years, mainly as a parent,
and currently have two daughters as pupils.  After some time in industry, my
own work has been in Higher Education, where I have 35 years of experience.

As well as recognising the importance of a Christian ethos, I am a strong advocate
of worldview thinking.  Our society is largely secular in its thinking, and this is defended as a neutral stance permitting diversity.  However, it is my conviction that secularism is not neutral. Its influence actually promotes a spirit of intolerance and brings turmoil to our society.  I hope to help the school in its journey through challenging times.



I am a parent of Trintiy school and have worked their previously……