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Parents Page


Welcome to our Virtual office.

This page is for quick access to paperwork or documents you may require as a Parent of Trinity Christian School.  Click on the blue links below to access each document.

We hope you will find this a useful resource.

Forms can be completed on a computer and emailed to the Office on:

If you would prefer paper copies please do not hesitate to contact one of the Office Staff:

Office Manager:  Mrs Deakin  (Monday to Thursday 8.15-3pm)

Office administrator:  Mrs Kendrick (Monday to Friday 8.30-12.30pm)

Finance Secretary:  Mrs Kneen (Monday to Friday 8.30-2.30pm)

For families using the Breakfast Club please use the following mobile to contact them on 07523 985 400 outside of school hours. (Only for Club related reasons)

For Current Letters click here:

For info on E-Safety click here:

Family Pack

These documents are for our new families starting with us, who have been accepted and given a start date – we need all the below completing and sent to the School Office BEFORE the start date of your child:

School Contact Record

Medical Need Health Care plan

Permission Form

Mobile Contract (Secondary pupils only)

E-Safety Form Secondary

E-Safety Form Primary

Secondary Pupil declaration

Intimate Care (EYFS)

Breakfast Club Contract

Breakfast Club Initial booking request  (NB: regular users will received a termly form after this)

Information:  Parent Handbook & Parent Planner

Most of the policies can be found on the Policy tab.  If you wish to access any other please request via the Office.

Separated Parents form 


REFER TO THIS POLICY FOR DETAILS ON SCHOOL UNIFORM the Primary & Secondary have different uniforms:  School Uniform Policy

For all Jumpers for Primary and Secondary PE and uniform please contact our external supplier to order:

JFC Sports LTD – Unit 8A Redfern Industrial Estate – Off Meadow Street – Hyde  – SK14 1RD, 0161 367 7700

*JFC Sports will notify parents when orders are ready to be collected from their shop.


Adhoc Forms

Image result for forms banner

Leave request form (for holiday or time off for other reasons, requests in term time – excludes medical appts)    PDF version

Medical Consent Form (if your child needs regular medication in school time)