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Admission Policy

REVIEW DATE: Spring 2023

Trinity is a non-denominational Independent Christian school that acknowledges that all children are made in the image of God and are precious to Him. The school welcomes applications from families of all faiths and none.

On first approaching the school, parents need to be made aware of the Christian ethos of the teaching and their responsibility to share in the education of their children. Parents are encouraged to visit our website where they can find lots of information about the School or attend one of our Open Evenings to help make an informed choice about further enquiring. 

We offer small class sizes as we feel children benefit from being in an environment where they can be nurtured and known.  In Primary our classes are mixed with the maximum of 16 per mixed class (i.e. Y1&Y2, Y3&Y4 etc).  In Secondary each year group holds the maximum of 18 pupils.

We welcome applications from families who can fully support our aims and ethos. We do accept midyear transfers or new admissions but only up till the end of May due to the various procedures we follow as below.

Intake Procedure


Trinity Treasures offer three intakes during the school year.

Intake One September: To be admitted children must be three years of age by September 1st

Intake Two January: To be admitted children must be three years of age before Jan 1st

Intake Three April: To be admitted children must be three years of age before April 1st

Days in will be reviewed as requested on the application and in confirmation letters.  All Nursery children are eligible for 15 free Government funded hours and can choose how to spread them across the week.  Ideally we suggest 5 mornings, 5 afternoons or 3 full days.  Some families may be eligible for a further 15 hours.  Parents will need to enquire themselves – please refer to


Children do not have to attend the school Nursery to ensure a Reception place and equally a place in Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception. Every application is taken on an individual approach and by the processes outlined in this document.

Statutory legislation states that a child enters Reception in the academic year in which they are 5 years old before the 31st August of the following year. This means that a child will have reached the age of 4 on or before 31st August in order to start Reception in the September of that year. 

To request a place in our Reception we ask all families to complete an application pack for a place and the process in this document will start.  New families to the school will need to complete our full School Application pack whereas families currently in our Nursery can obtain our Moving up to Reception Application pack.

Primary & Secondary School

Families are encouraged to enrol pupils at the beginning of the school year, but admission at other times will be considered depending on circumstances.  Admissions will be considered according to the particular year/class the pupil is hoping to enter and on review of both the fully completed application pack, trial period and any additional queries or concerns.

Current families wishing to enrol other siblings still need to complete a full application pack.


1.  Parents can complete the enquiry form from the website and email it to the School or they can contact the School Office and details will be taken verbally.   

2.  The prospective new family will be invited to school for a meeting with the Head Teacher or EYFS Lead at which they will get to know the family and explain how Trinity Christian School works, including the Parent/School contract, fees and any other relevant information. They will be offered a short tour of the school.

3.  All enquiries forms will be stored electronically and key information logged by the Office on the New Enquiry spreadsheet.


1.  After a visit, parents can request an application & family forms pack to take away or they may wish to take in all considerations before applying.  Families will not be chased if they do not take or send in an application pack. 

2.  All completed applications and forms must be sent to the School Office for processing in the first instance and assessing for any queries.  Applications will not be processed until all forms are fully completed and returned.

3.  The application form is then dated, scanned, and logged on the Enquiry spreadsheet as well as on the Summary of possible New Starters spreadsheet, by the Office Staff.

4. All applications are sent by email to the SLT for review and a trial date discussed where applicable.  SLT will inform the Office of trial dates and the Office will communicate this officially with the family. 
NB: Any fee related queries must be presented to the Governing bodies to review by the prospective family. 

5.  The Governors can decide to send a Reduced Fee application and request income paperwork check for any family needing fee assistance.  The Finance Secretary will then deal with the administration of this paperwork.

6.  The Office will request from the pupil’s previous school, the completion of our Pupil transfer information form, to obtain key information to help in reviewing the application.


1.  As part of our admission process and review of all applications, children applying for Secondary school are required to spend up to five assessment days in school and in the case of a Nursery or Primary school pupil, a minimum of one full day in school. This will enable as many staff as possible to teach them, and thereby give an informed opinion in the consultation process as a whole staff team.

2.  During these assessment days, as much information as to the ability and needs of the children will be obtained. It also gives the opportunity for the pupil/s to have experience of the school, the class they will be in and to meet Staff and classmates.

3.   Children with Special Educational Needs would normally be introduced to the SENDCO during the initial visit so that early assessments can be made. This may have implications, should a Special Needs teacher be required, or more 121 support required and this will be considered in the outcome.

4.   Given the limited scale of Trinity and its resources, there may be times when the school will struggle to meet certain complex needs, especially since Trinity, as an independent school, cannot access Government SEN funding for such students. In such circumstances, the Head Teacher will have a full and supportive discussion with parents about how best to meet the child’s needs and what part Trinity can play in their education.

5.  Where there is a possible new student for Year 10 or Year 11, there should be careful consideration of staff and student pressures, and relevant staff consulted before such an application is considered. This is especially relevant in an emergency such as a local school closing.  There is also an additional entry fee for Y10 & Y11 entries.


1.   On the last day of the assessment, a final decision on the place will be made by the SLT.  It is the responsibility of the Headteacher or SLT to inform the School Office of the decision to accept or reject the application. Governors will be notified of admissions by the Headteacher at their regular meetings.

2.  The family will be informed of the decision by the Office using the official and relevant letter and, where accepted, will be sent the schools Family Info pack either by email.

3.  A letter of acceptance will inform families of the start date and where applicable, the required deposit.  Where a place cannot be offered a letter, stating the reasons, will be sent. Letters are sent by email where possible and kept on file electronically.

4.  The finance secretary will prepare the contracts and any fee related information and will send these to the family. 

5.  The Headteacher will notify the Staff of any new pupils to their Year group. 


  1. Prior to a Pupil starting, the Office will enter the pupil into the relevant register and to the various school lists. All forms should already be in place, ready for them starting (Family Record, IHCP, Permissions, E-Safety etc).  These forms are stored electronically and IHCPs are kept in a locked cupboard for Staff access only.
  2. On the Pupils first day, they will be greeted by a teacher and buddied up with a class mate.
  3. The Office will inform the relevant LA admissions department, by email, of the pupil/s starting: Full name, D.O.B. and date they started.  The Admissions register is kept electronically in Office docs and includes contact details of the LAs.
  4. All relevant information is shared between staff and it is the Staffs responsibility to know their pupils in terms of Health care issue, permissions, previous school records and any other important information that is relevant in keeping all children safe whilst at our school.


  1. Class sizes are kept to 16 where possible and in the event of over subscription to a class,
  2. SLT and Governors (where fee related) consider each application carefully and prayerfully.

2.  We encourage family commitment to the school and its various meetings, as this is vital to cement home and school relationships.

3. Every pupil will have a personal file which is kept secure in the Office.  This file will hold previous school information and any specific letters or information in relation to that pupil. 

Special Arrangements for Part-time Schooling

Trinity School requires that pupils should be in school full time in order to benefit from the full curriculum offered. As a Christian school we also recognise and encourage the responsibility of parents for their child and that they may wish to suggest alternative arrangements.

The parent should arrange a meeting with the Headteacher to discuss the plans and reasons for any new arrangement. This remains a proposal until it is approved by the Governors, having taken note of any financial or other considerations and will then be confirmed to the parent.

We reserve the right to reconsider these arrangements if circumstances change.

Information to the Local Authority

In keeping with KCSIE we are required to inform the relevant local authority within five days of admitting a child to Trinity Christian School.

In the event of a child leaving Trinity Christian School (and being removed from the Admission Register) we are required to inform the relevant local authority within five days of leaving.

Parents must notify school with 3 months’ notice, in writing, of children leaving or transferring to other schools.  We must be informed of the child/rens name/s who are leaving, why they are leaving, when they are leaving (last date in school) and where they are transferring to if possible (school name or place relocating).  This exclude Y11 leavers but we do require information of where they are moving onto for inspection reasons – i.e. college, work etc.

All admissions and leavers information to the local authority are sent by email in order that we have a robust record and evidence of this.  Any telephone calls and emails in this respect will need to be logged on the admissions register in the relevant area.

NB: Pupils that have been at Trinity for a longer period may still be in our previous Admissions book which is stored securely in the Office filing cabinet.