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The History syllabus is taught from a Christian perspective, which emphasis’s God’s supremacy as well as His presence and interest in society. At Trinity Christian School we believe that History is important as it teaches us about our heritage and culture, the motivation and actions of people in the past and where we fit into the scheme of things.

Key Stage 3 History largely follows the National Curriculum, paying particular attention to Britain’s role throughout History. Topics include the Battle of Hastings, The Tudors, The Industrial Revolution and the World Wars.

At Key Stage 3 pupils have 1 lesson a week with fortnightly homework. Lessons give pupils the opportunity to share their ideas and ask questions. They also learn key History skills such as inference, debating, essay writing and analysis.

Pupils are assessed throughout the year in a variety of ways; through class work, homework, recall tests, self-assessment, and 3 formal assessment pieces.

At Key Stage 4 our students find the GCSE course interesting, stimulating and a good basis for understanding issues in the news today, as well as a great deal of fun. The course starts at the beginning of Year 9, which gives pupils an opportunity to trial the course before they choose their options.

The Key Stage 4 course follows the AQA History GSCE (8145). Pupils complete topics on Germany 1890-1945 (Democracy and Dictatorship), Conflict and Tension 1918-1939, Britain (Health and the People) and Elizabethan England. The course culminates with 2 GCSE examinations totalling 100% of the mark.