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‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.’ Nelson Mandela

Spanish is the main Modern Foreign Language (MFL) at Trinity, because it has particular benefits:

  • Pronunciation is mainly intuitive for English speakers (‘Say what you see!’)
  • Many students resident in the UK holiday in Spain or in the Canary Isles
  • It is the second language of the USA
  • It is widely spoken throughout Central and South America

Language learning at Trinity will familiarize you with sounds, written forms and underlying structures (grammar). Students become familiar with the concept of translation from the very beginning: recognizing that phrases and sentences cannot be translated word-for-word nor literally between languages. Students are thus given access to Bi-lingual dictionaries and become increasingly confident and effective in their use.

Learners are encouraged to use the Foreign Language as the main language for communication in the classroom and outside of it wherever possible!

We aim to increase cultural awareness by learning about Spanish-speaking countries and peoples.

Key Stage 3:

Spanish is taught in 18 discrete modules, each containing 5 units. Pupils study one module per half term, at the end of which they complete a formal assessment, in each of the 4 key skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

To enrich the language learning experience, a variety of resources used: text books, printed materials, internet, handouts, audiovisual resources, etc.  There is clear progression within each module and unit and language is systematically revised and extended to form a sound basis for study in KS4 (and beyond).

Students receive a vocabulary-learning homework one week and a written homework the next. This is to encourage regular reinforcement of key language and concepts.

Homework is a valuable learning opportunity as it encourages independent learning, extension and monitoring of progress for both teacher and pupils.

Feedback is provided, identifying strengths and guidance as how to progress further.  Other forms of assessment include: sharing of learning objectives with pupils; involving both teacher and pupil in reflecting on assessment information; pupils’ involvement in peer – and self-assessment through class activities.

Key Stage 4:

We currently offer the New Specification AQA GCSE Spanish (for teaching from September 2016 ready for certification from September 2018). This course helps students develop their Spanish language skills in a variety of familiar contexts and also broadens their understanding of the cultures and countries where Spanish is spoken. It encourages enjoyment of language learning and the recognition that language skills enable students to take their place in a multi-lingual global society.

The course is fully assessed by an exam at the end of Year 11 in each of the 4 skills of Listening, Speaking Reading and Writing. Throughout the course, students become more confident and independent in their learning through the use of digital media which accompanies the text book we use.

This course is particularly suitable for students who wish to study at a higher level this qualification counts towards the ‘English Baccalaureate.’