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Exclusion Policy

REVIEW DATE: Spring 2023

The issues of exclusion are a real challenge in a Christian School as the school seeks to act justly yet with mercy and grace and should therefore, be decided on only after much prayer and deliberation. However, there are situations in a school when a specific incident or an ongoing situation requires serious and/or quick decisions to be taken.

Temporary Exclusion

In the case of ongoing misbehaviour when the disciplinary procedures have been followed, it may then be appropriate for a pupil to be suspended.

The Governors will be aware of such a course of action, as they will have been informed via the Headteacher’s reports that a serious problem is arising.

However, it may be that a totally unexpected situation occurs, where immediate temporary exclusion is appropriate.

  • The power to suspend a pupil is delegated to the Headteacher/SLT.
  • The Chair of the Governors must be informed as soon as possible and an initial report, together with a copy of any letter sent to the parents must follow.
  • It is appreciated that it will take some time for the problem to be investigated more fully but this should be done as quickly as possible and a final report be completed.
Permanent Exclusion

A situation may be so serious that the appropriate sanction is permanent exclusion. The Headteacher will take the final decision, supported by the SLT.  Any appeals will need to be made to the Governors in accordance with the Complaints procedure under Stage 3 steps.

  • There must be a full investigation of the situation. This should be done as a matter of some urgency as it will be an issue of real concern to the pupil, parents and teachers and probably to other members of the school ‘family’.
  • The Governors will require sight of all relevant documentation to help them reach a decision. They will reach a decision having taken due note of the recommendations of the Headteacher.
  • If the decision is that the pupil is to be expelled from the school, then this will be conveyed to the parents by letter or in person by the Chair of Governors and accompanied by another governor.
  • A full report should be prepared and retained in the pupil’s file in the event of possible ongoing difficulties.