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School Closure policy

The decision to close the school is a serious one and our main consideration to do so must always be in protecting our pupils and staff from perceived health and safety risks. Therefore, school closures will be made by assessing the risks to students and staff of the school remaining open.

Schools may be unable to open for a variety of reasons including:

  • Breakdown of the heating system
  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Inaccessibility of roads/or the site due to heavy snow or storm damage
  • Local threat / an other health & safety reasons

In the case of extreme weather, the decision to close school will be made as early as possible and it is the Headteacher’s responsibility to make this decision about whether school will remain open.  In so doing the Headteacher will take into consideration the “potential risks to staff and students travelling to school”, as well as our ability to provide a safe school site.

In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow the prime concern of the school must always be the safety of the pupils and staff. 

Emergency Closures outside the school day (e.g. snow closures)

Once a decision has been made to close the school, the following actions will take place. The Head or member of SMT will send a text alert to all Staff and Parents. We aim to do this before 7.30am.

If parents do not receive a message, then they must assume that school is open as usual.

As a secondary communication method we will try to put a message on the school webpage and Facebook page. This is done (by the Office Administrator) within one hour of the text alert being sent out and will be taken down by the Office Administrator by 3.00pm on the day of school closure

Therefore, if it is possible that the school may be closed due to bad weather, parents should ensure that their mobile phones are turned on and that they check the school website and Facebook page.

In the event of the school, being closed on more than one day the process will be repeated. 

Emergency Closures within the school day

If the school has to be closed during the school day, the school will begin the same procedure for contacting parents as soon as possible.

On such occasions, our main aim is to ensure the safety of the children on the school site whilst waiting to be collected. Staff will be allocated to supervision of groups of students as required, with those staff living furthest from school being released first in order to allow them to travel home safely.  The amount of staff required to remain on site will be decided in accordance with the number of students present and will be the decision of the Headteacher.

This is the means by which we will communicate with all parents and we urge parents not to phone school unless there is an urgent reason because we need to keep the telephone lines clear.

Closures due to other risks (health & safety / threats)

In the event of an actual lockdown, or other reason to close the school, communication will be sent to parents & Staff as soon as is practicable and specific procedures will be followed.

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