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Primary Education

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Year 1-2 (Trinity Treasures)

Teaching and learning in KS1 is embedded in a creative curriculum and founded upon Christian values based education.  The children learn in both formal and informal contexts and the curriculum is extended by child – initiated learning and enhanced with age-appropriate challenge cards.

Trinity Treasures enables the children to interact and engage with shared resources and children of different ages. Regular out of school visits enable children to have a broader view of the world and inspire learning.

Teaching is planned and taught following the National Curriculum with daily:-

English and phonics lessons

Mathematics lessons

Themed topic lessons including: art, P.E / dance, history/geography, science, baking and ICT.

A few examples of the topics covered are, People Who Help Us, Journeys, Families, Ourselves and Toys.

We also have weekly Primary Assemblies and regular timetables slots for singing and Bible Time.

Year 3-4

Working as a mixed year group allows children to learn to work well with others.  Our curriculum is founded on Christian Education principles while utilising the best of the National Curriculum.  Our projects allow the children to use English skills in History, Geography and Science.  Children also participate in daily lessons that build upon and enhance skills introduced in Key Stages 1.

Year 5-6

Teaching and learning in KS2 while based upon the National Curriculum, is founded upon the ideals of Christian Education.  Subject areas covered include Maths, Literacy, Science, ICT, PE, Art, Music, History and Geography.

Children are encouraged to learn in both formal and informal settings, while regular out of school visits enable them to broaden their view of the wider world.

Primary Science

Primary School Science is taught in an investigative manner which links science with everyday life and experience.  Students are given a foundation of both scientific idea and practical investigation.  The topics are in line with KS3 guidelines.